Don’t be afraid to talk about sex rules that everyone should follow.

There are rules for every single thing in our life that we should follow, how can sex be different from it. Even there are rules to follow in sex, that we don’t talk about or we think that everyone may know that, while this is not true. These are the etiquettes that each one of us must know.

Majority of the people unfortunately don’t follow those simple rules and guidelines which causes both of the partners to remain unsatisfied, which is not good for any relation.

When someone is talking about etiquettes or rules, no one wants to listen to them because they think that rules and regulations can only destroy their fantasies, rules are there only to put limitations in the act. But this is not the fact, actually these are there for both the partners to feel equally respected and comfortable with each other and eventually be satisfied. That’s it.

The following are the rules, may be you’ve blanked on them entirely. Everyone should know. 

1. If you don’t ask for something, you aren’t going to get it.

As in each aspect of our life, honesty is the best policy; you must know that your partner can’t read your mind, that he/she’ll know automatically that you want this or that.

No matter your partner agree to it or not, you must speak your mind, and if both are ready then, this is going to be a fantastic experience, for sure.

2. Foreplay is not optional at all.

Actually I was going to put this point somewhere down, but then I moved it to the second position, because this is actually one of the most important things to learn. Men mostly thing that, Foreplay is optional that sometimes they can do it and sometimes they may leave it, but women loves it the most.  

3. Don’t expect to your partner to be the only in charge.

If you think your partner will be the only in charge, this will definitely not going to happen, don’t make your first chance to be the last, whether you are a women or men. Both should be equally participating.

4. Tell, if you aren’t comfortable with something.

Majority of the people hesitate to talk in between the act, and they tolerate something they aren’t comfortable with. Speak out if you don’t like something, your partner won’t mind and actually going to learn things that you love versus the things you don’t.

5. Tolerate something for you partner. 

If you partners find something that is most enjoyable for one partner and at the same time hard for the other. In this situation you must tolerate something for you partner, this will build a lot of trust in you. And that what life is all about.

6. Don’t talk too much.

Sometimes talking in between the act is good, but some of the people make it a habit and talk about every single shit they are doing, or may talk about something irrelevant which can actually rune the entire act. Hence speak only if necessary.

7.  There is a difference between staring and eye contact.

One must know the difference between staring and eye contact. Remember don’t stare too much you don’t look sexy, you look constipated. Stick to a five second rules when it comes to eye contact.

8. Make some noise and make it nice.

Don’t shy if you are making some natural noises, it helps to make moods, but as always, not too much.

9. Not before brush, if it is the morning.

No need to elaborate, this thing, just no morning breathes if it is the morning.

10.  Keep away form lady’s hair.

You know how much time they spent on hair. Always remember to put it away from their hair.